Project Canvas

It started on a cool fall morning sitting inside the Filling Station coffeehouse. I was drinking tea; Caroline had coffee.

"We should do another project." I said. "One that brings together all of the writing research we've done over the years, and stuff. Like a curriculum but less school-y."

"Yes. YES. Let's start a doc!" Caroline said. (side note: if you've known us long enough, you know that any time Caroline or I have an idea, we start a document for it. Always. So we literally have hundreds of documents filled with ideas that we've collaborated on.)

"How can we compile all of this information?" I asked.

"We have to invite people, to contribute." Caroline nodded.



And so, all of you are invited to what we like to call PROJECT CANVAS.

Project Canvas is a book-in-the-works that will be comprised of short articles, written by YOU -- teen and young adult writers! Everyone has their own, unique area of expertise, whether it's believable dialogue, tips for writing the perfect villain, or advice on how to craft the perfect Pinterest board for your story.

Our timeline includes a submission deadline of May 1st, and a tentative publication date in January 2018.

Check out the website to reserve your topic and learn more about this project!

To authors who aren't teens/young adults - we want to feature a few published authors in Project Canvas as well. Contact me if you're interested.

Please share this post and spread the word to any writers you know! Let's inspire the world.