On Purpose

Over the next few days, I’ve made it a goal to post a short message/thought/realization on the blog at least every other day. Don’t worry; I’ll still be updating the Mug Life series and the Action vs Word series. There will just be even more content in between! Enjoy.

There’s something irresistible about a life lived because someone chose to live it, not because it simply happened to them by accident or chance. Think of all the people you admire. All of them live on purpose, don’t they?

Whether it’s the story of a great athlete who beat the odds to become successful, whether it’s the an underdog band who chase fame, whether it’s the kid who rose out of poverty to open an incredible business, whether it’s a mom who truly invests in her kids.

We think we love hearing about greatness, but we really love hearing about purpose.

We can become dissatisfied with our own lives when we forego our power of choice and live "accidentally." When we eat that cookie when we were supposed to be going sugar-free. When we waste away our time on social media. When we snap at a loved one in a moment of annoyance.

None of those things happen “on purpose.” We did choose to do them, but we forfeited our true power of choice. The choice is not just between something good and something bad; the choice is between purpose and apathy, between intention and sloth, between action and passivity.

So, will you live on purpose?

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