Mug Life #2: PT's at the Crossroads

When I pulled into the parking lot across the street from PT's, I noticed two things.

1) I automatically liked this place because it was the ONE PLACE IN DOWNTOWN KANSAS CITY WITH RELATIVELY EASY PARKING. (Note: I hate parallel parking. At least, I think I do. I've never really tried it... and I never will unless forced. Bless PT's, they chose a location that does not force me to parallel park.)

2) Caddy-corner from PT's was a small, slightly hidden storefront that read: Artist & Craftsman Supply Kansas City.

They say that when you look at something you love, your pupils dilate. Let me tell you, my eyes must have been huge. An art store, a great parking lot (THAT BACKED UP TO A THAI RESTAURANT CALLED LULU'S) and an amazing coffee shop, all in one corner of downtown Kansas City? I call that my dream location.

The criteria for a 'good' coffee shop in my opinion might be a little different than the norm. I look for only a few things in a coffee shop: good lighting/seating to write, interesting characters at the coffee shop, places to take good photography, and finally -- whether the coffee is good. Let me tell you, PT's meets all of the criteria to be both a good creative hang and a good coffee joint. Perfect combination.

Once I finally made it past the amazing parking lot, the art store, and the artsy coffee-shop front, I walked up to the counter and waited for a short moment for the barista. The shop was filled to the brim with people engaging in conversations, drinking coffee, and working. In the back there was a group of women collaborating on what looked like a creative project. On the wall to my left was a mini-art gallery hung with local art. The first time I went to PT's, there was a neatly-hung row of small, square canvases painted in bright pastels. This time, there was a mish-mash assortment of art that seemed more rushed, bolder; fitting for the season.

My attention snapped back to the counter as the blender screeched from behind the half wall. A small sign by the cash register caught my attention: 2nd best coffee shop in the nation award. "How fitting" I thought.

The barista appeared and asked for our order. I obviously asked for the standard chai tea latte, then requested the most popular drink that PT's doles out. "That would probably be the vanilla-honey latte," the barista said, as he adjusted his dark beanie.

"We'll take it!"

The vanilla honey latte was honestly the best latte I think I've ever tasted. And don't just take it fro me - take it from Michael, too. This drink single-handedly converted him from a non-coffee drinker to a coffee drinker. It's that powerful. It tastes of creativity and calmness, a blend of traditional and modern. It's like your typical latte, but then the honey flavor hits you. You wouldn't think that honey and coffee are a pleasing combination, but that's part of the magic! It's unexpected.



5/5 stars {amazing coffee}

Unexpected. Inspiring. Comforting. Could one ask for more in a latte?


4/5 stars {really good latte}

Part of the charm of PT's chai teas is how pretty they are. I mean, check out this candid shot of the beauty in this post.


4.5/5 stars {solid place, will come back}

Art stores. Thai food. Artsy photo locations. You literally walk down the street outside PT's, and you run into this gorgeous red gate that is the best background one could ask for. You walk a little farther, and there is a hole-in-the-wall juice place. (I'm coming back for you, green juice!) It can't get any better. The inside of the shop would be enough if the outside wasn't - it's open, and the perfect size. If you're feeling like you want a back corner, there is plenty of table space. If you want natural light, there are window seats. The local art on the walls is yet another added plus.

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