Mug Life #1: Mildred's Coffee

cinnamon / snickerdoodle latte - loved it.

I didn't choose the mug life, the mug life chose me.


In August 2015, my life was forever changed. I was exhausted, having survived the County Fair only to go straight into a three-day intense debate camp. I was researching, writing, and cross-examining all day long, running on a few hours of sleep.

That's when I rolled up to my local coffeeshop for the first time EVER, and ordered an espresso at 9 P.M. I had never consumed espresso before, but that small drink kept me going until I fell into bed later, laptop dying as I researched frantically. From then on, I was hooked. Coffee and I became close friends, and I loved going to my local coffee shop to read, do schoolwork, and of course have my favorite drink.

Then, later in the year, I got my driver's license. Suddenly I was free to drive wherever I wanted to go - and I knew exactly where. MORE COFFEE SHOPS. Believe me when I say, Kansas City is a hub of coffee shops. They are EVERYWHERE.

I've lived in the Kansas City area my entire life. for as long as I can remember my family and I have driven to the Plaza to see Christmas lights, we've visited the Nelson Atkins museum on rainy days, and listened to the symphony during the classic homeschool fieldtrips. However, until last year I'd never been to any of the coffee shops around the city.

This semester, my mission is to change this. I plan to visit as many coffee shops as humanly possible, and rate them based on a few things:

1) The coffee. (duh)

2) The chai tea lattes. (my favorite drink)

3) The atmosphere.

Today, I present you with the first in the Mug Life series: Mildred's!

Mildred's has two locations: one at the Crossroads and one in Downtown. I went to the Crossroads Mildred's, and I wasn't disappointed.

I'd say one of my favorite things is when a coffee shop is also a mini cafe, because who can beat good coffee paired with good food?

I arrived at Mildred's right at lunchtime, and it was packed. That's how you can tell the good places - the locals squeeze in together at mealtimes just to get the food. It took a few minutes before Michael and I could find a table!

We set our things down and waited in line to order. Once we reached the counter, I asked for the most popular meals on the menu. "The breakfast sandwich is magical!" The regular behind us piped up. "What about drinks?" I asked. "The cinnamon latte is very good." the barista offered. We ordered the breakfast sandwich, the gaucamole chicken club (a close second in popularity), the cinnamon latte and a chai tea latte.

The regular was right. The breakfast sandwich was MAGICAL. If you ever come here, forget ordering anything except for the breakfast sandwich! It is made with eggs, cheese, and bacon. We ordered it on the jalapeno bread, and it was a perfect blend of a tiny bit of spice, cheesy goodness, and scrambled eggs!



3/5 stars {good coffee}

The foam on the latte was perfect, and the cinnamon was a nice touch. Smooth coffee brew infused with cinnamon - unique and delicious! Enjoyed it, but I have to be tough with my coffee ratings.


4/5 stars {really good latte}

"I understand why you love these!" Michael said, as he proceeded to drink half the chai latte in one gulp. Yes, I do love chai tea lattes for good reason and Mildred's didn't disappoint here. The chai tasted real, not like it had come from a mix. The spices were distinct but not overpowering and it was still sweet, true to the chai tea flavoring!


4/5 stars {solid place, would come back}

The employees were welcoming and nice, the lighting was great (a big plus for me), and the location is great. Just down the street is a cute artisanal mercantile, and a beauty salon with glitter in the window. Two minutes away is another coffee house, more shops, a hip thai food restaurant, and an art supply store.

All in all, Mildred's was a great hangout for lunch. I can't wait to go again.

Keep watching for more posts about that Mug Life!

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