3 songs to end your Monday right.

My Thanksgiving break began with a middle C.

That’s right, a middle C. Specifically a middle C played by the lead violinist of the Kansas City Symphony on the grand piano in the middle of the stage in order to bring the entire orchestra into harmonic synchronization.

In other words, I went to the symphony two Fridays ago.

The Patton family graciously invited me to attend the Symphony at the Kaufman with them. I haven’t been to the symphony since I was a young whippersnapper tagging along with the rest of the homeschool group on a tour.

I was expecting an amazing evening, but the experience blew away my lofty expectations. The symphony played selections from Brahms and Beethoven, and they also brought in an acclaimed young composer to play his piano concerto. This guy was barely 25 years old - artist type (long hair, thin frame, expressive piano playing). I sat back in awe as he pounded out dissonant notes on the piano and waited as the symphony joined in, a luxurious blend of strings and brass - and then the piano added a harmony on top of the sound.

Needless to say, I left feeling much more cultured than before and with a renewed appreciation for music and its composition. Ever since that night, I’ve been thinking about why I like the music I do like. I’ve also been pondering the connection between how I create art like writing or painting and how a musical composer creates. We are all trying to do the same thing - ignite an emotion in those who experience our art.

Mondays aren’t particularly creative days for me. I try to make them very productive, but as most of you probably have experienced, Mondays are days that seem to chunk and grumble along instead of smoothly flow. Whether you’re trying to write, paint, draw, or just plain work, Mondays can use a little more inspiration. Here are three songs that have been inspiring me lately based on their lyricism, songwriting, and rich storytelling. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

1. The Scientist (Coldplay)

I’m working on a short story inspired by The Scientist. To me, it screams of a story the songwriter was trying to tell. I’m so intrigued by whose story it is. Is it the songwriter's’ personal experience? A friend of his? His parents? I may never know.

2. Intro by the xx

An amazing instrumental that builds on itself and makes me wish I could find about ten more songs just like it. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only one of its kind. Guess I’m stuck listening to it on repeat hundreds of times. “But I’m not an instrumental music person” you may be saying. “Why should I listen to this song?” I honestly can’t explain what is so powerful about Intro. All I know is it communicates a different emotion every time I hear it - strength, urgency, determination, love. But every time, it communicates a strong emotion. Go listen to it.

3. Happiness by NeedtoBreathe

Oh man. Where do I start with this song? It inspires me, encourages me, and it’s just got a great groove. (really professional music reviewing vocabulary there, I know.) NeedtoBreathe’s latest album is all amazing - definitely go look it up. They tried a new kind of sound with this one; a little more pop, a little more edge, a lot more groove.

I can’t think of a better way to end my Monday than with these three songs.

What songs have you been listening to lately? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I recently took a leap of courage and posted a few chapters of a novel I've been writing on a site called Wattpad. If you're interested in reading a scifi story about a girl called Hawk, check out my account by clicking HERE.

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