a blog about everything


I'm Olivia.

INFJ. Writer. Artist. Reader. Lover of TED talks. Quietly opinionated. 

This is a blog about everything, because let's be real: I'm interested in everything. Not even a joke. Get ready for back-to-back posts on art, science, and Gilmore Girls. Get un-ready for streamlined posts about the current state of fashion. Or nice, DIY recipes. Ovens shudder and mysteriously grow dysfunctional when I come near. 

Put simply: This is a blog that sprung out of my combined love of all things aforementioned. It's a little corner of the internet chock-full of random wonderings, opinionated book reviews, timid movie critiques, unashamed TED talk posts, and the occasional embarrassing middle school story. 

Join me?

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w r i t i n g

a r t

I love art. ever since I was young, I doodled over every surface I could find.

I'm still working on how to display my art and share it to encourage others. check back soon for more!